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Comedy Gold: Swedish feminazis who welcomed the Islamist invaders into their towns are now fleeing out of fear of them


WELL, WELL…Swedish feminazis who welcomed the Muslim invaders into their towns are now fleeing out of fear of them


Bleeding heart leftist feminazis in Stockholm are leaving areas like the notorious Muslim migrant-heavy no-go zones of Husby and Tensta because they say religious fundamentalists (aka Muslims) now rule those suburbs. Gee, and it was just a few months ago when they were saying things like this:

And this:

Breitbart (h/t Liz)  Nalin Pekgul is a self-described feminist and former member of parliament for the left wing Swedish Social Democrats. For over 30 years, she lived in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta but says that she no longer feels safe there. She claims Muslim fundamentalists have taken over and she doesn’t feel she can visit the centre of Tensta without being harassed by Muslim men, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

And apparently, the courts won’t protect her after she is attacked.

According to Ms. Pekgul, the situation for women in public life in the area has deteriorated over the past several years. She noted that there has been a rise in religious fundamentalism amongst the men in the area, many of whom come from Muslim migrant backgrounds. Pekgul attempted to combat the trend by organizing coffee shop meetings but soon abandoned the idea. (Gee, you mean coffee klatches with Muslim misogynists don’t get you anywhere? What a surprise)

“In Tensta I am a known face and I have no desire to stir up trouble when I get harassed,” Pekgul said explaining why she no longer goes into the centre of the suburb. When asked if she will remain in the suburb, she said: “I always hope that it will blow over. One should never forget that the vast majority here are cursing the fundamentalists.”(Gee, and it was not that long ago when you were marching in the streets with signs welcoming them and bashing anyone who didn’t as a “racist))

Zeliha Dagli, a former Left Party politician, did end up moving from the no-go suburb of Husby. Dagli described Husby as having self-appointed Muslim “morality police” who attempt to control women’s behaviour in the area.

Aggression toward feminists, in particular, became an issue she said. “There were rumours that we wanted to take away women’s veils,” she said. “They said that I should keep myself, and then I did not feel so safe anymore.”

Dagli now lives in the inner city area of Stockholm and says she is happier that she can wear or say what she wants without fearing for her safety. She said she would consider returning to Husby, but only if the area became safer for her (when all the Muslims moved out).

Husby, like the no-go suburb of Rinkeby, is heavily populated by migrants, many of them from countries in Africa and the Middle East and many of them Muslim.  In May of last year, a Norwegian film crew was attacked by a group of locals in Husby while they were attempting to interview Swedish economist and author Tino Sanandaji.

Sanandaji, a Kurdish Iranian immigrant, has been slammed by many in Sweden for his new book Mass Challenge which describes the problems Sweden has faced because of mass migration. One library in Stockholm even refused to stock the book accusing it of being racist.

American filmmaker Ari Horowitz was also attacked in Husby last year during an investigation into Swedish no-go zones.

(Canada) Mosque to Close Following Terror Investigation…

A Calgary mosque that became a focus in terrorism investigations after several men who prayed there left to fight abroad is closing its doors Friday — a move that leaves its imam and community with a sense of relief.

Nearly three years ago, CBC News revealed the identities of Salman Ashrafi, Damian Clairmont and others who left Canada to fight with jihadi groups in Syria and Iraq. All had attended prayers at the 8th and 8th mosque in downtown Calgary — whose name originates in its location at 835 8th Ave. SW. Many were killed abroad.

The imam, Navaid Aziz, told CBC News the community plans to begin anew, although it hasn’t finalized its new mosque location. There’s a sense of relief about finally leaving a place that became synonymous with radicalization, Aziz says.

“It was a place I taught and gave lectures. I performed people’s marriages. We celebrated people’s births in this mosque,” said Aziz.

“Then there was this dark element that lingered over it, that overshadowed and overpowered all of these amazing experiences over something I had no control over, something I had nothing to do with.

Protest held against Toronto Police chaplain

Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim human rights activist, accompanied with women representing Suffragette, arrived on Thursday, March 30, 2017 at Toronto Police Service Headquarters to deliver a letter to Police Chief Mark Saunders, urging him “to reconsider Musleh Khan’s appointment to the Chaplain for the Toronto Police Force.”

Solomon said that Musleh Khan’s views on women “do not correspond with the Canadian values”. She mentioned in this regard some of Khan’s statements in recent years:

The wife should make herself available to her husband… She should not withhold this right from her husband without a valid excuse, e.g. sickness, obligatory fasting etc. If she refuses without a valid reason then she has committed a major sin… Even some scholars went as far as saying that even if it doesn’t feel right, or you’re just not in that emotional relationship you know it’s not the right manner, you’re not feeling that at that particular time, still try to make it happen, still try to force yourself even if you have to do that… She should take care to seek permission from her husband before going out of the home.”

What is the real age to get married if it’s so different everywhere you go? The answer it’s our prophet [Mohammad] peace and blessings be upon [who ruled] at the age of puberty… Guess how many 9 year old in the world have been have been married. Less than one percent… if the prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, did it, you have to believe that it was permissible. It’s permitted in our Sharia [Islamic Law] but it has its time and place. That’s what I to tell non Muslims… It has its time and place.”

This [sex-ed] curriculum almost felt like it was an adult only book… Right now, I am rethinking my position with the permissibility of sending our children to public schools, because it’s becoming social suicide. I rethinking whether it is forbidden to send your children to public schools.”

The deafening silence of [Justin] Trudeau, [Kathleen] Wynne, Toronto Mayor John Tory, Ontario Human Rights Commission, women’s groups and now also you [Chief Saunders] normalizes these radical misogynistic views,” Solomon’s letter reads. She vowed to keep protesting till Musleh Khan is removed from office. The protesters repeatedly chanted “Muslih Khan must go” and emphasized that he cannot serve as a role model for Canadians.


Protest held against Toronto Police chaplain

Texas teacher and cheerleading coach Katherine Harper accused of sex and nude texts with teen

Close to 700 teachers state-wide accused of impropriety with pupils since 2010


A cheerleading coach in Texas exchanged her pom poms for handcuffs this week after being accused of having multiple romp sessions with a male student.

Katherine Harper, 27, is charged with orchestrating the improper relationship, which allegedly included the exchange of naked text messages with the teen.

An affidavit obtained by the Star-Telegram accused Harper of having sex multiple times with the 15-year-old inside her Ft. Worth home and his house in Trophy Club, a ritzy town north of Dallas. Harper reportedly met the boy during her time as an English teacher at Tidwell Middle School, where she also works as a cheerleading coach and tennis instructor.

School officials and local police began investigating Harper after receiving an anonymous tip last December.

Citing cellphone records, local TV station CW33 reported Thursday that Harper communicated 76 times with the boy over two months last summer.

The racy text messages reportedly included X-rated photos that were preserved on the teen’s phone, police said. The incident left the boy in tears.

Harper, meanwhile, posted $15,000 bail this week amid facing a second degree felony charge.

She’s just the latest female teacher to be exposed in recent weeks after the Austin American-Statesman found that close to 700 Texas teachers have had their teaching licenses yanked since 2010 due to allegations of impropriety with pupils.

Late last week, cops arrested Rebecca Goerdel, 28, on suspicion she entered into an improper relationship with a student at the Young Men’s Leadership Academy at Kennedy Middle School in Grand Prairie, Tex.

Days before that, Lockart (Tex.) cops arrested Sarah Fowlkes, 27, after a high school student alleged the biology teacher fondled him.

In February, Haeli Wey, a former math teacher at Austin’s Westlake High School, pleaded guilty to two counts of having an improper relationship with a pair of 17-year-old students.

One of the victims said he and the 29-year-old instructor had sex more than 10 times before he found out she was two-timing him with the second victim.