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Mother, 40, Jailed for Having Threesome with Boys Age 14

A mother has been jailed for two and a half years for having sex with three boys aged 14 – including a threesome which was filmed.

Beverley Tillyer, 40 (pictured), abused the children during drink and drugs-fuelled parties in her home.

Once, the divorcee from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, UK, was filmed having a threesome with two of the boys by their 14-year-old friend.

On another occasion, she went to the home of one of the children and had sex with him there.

In total, she had sex with the first boy six times; with the second boy twice; and with the third boy once.

The abuse happened in 2008, when Tillyer was in her early 30s.

Dave Mackay, prosecuting at Leeds Crown Court, said she ran a ‘chaotic household’ at the time.

No complaints were ever made by the boys but seven years later, in 2015, a woman whose identity is not known complained to police. All three victims were located.

One said the abuse had damaged family relationships and another said it had affected his confidence.

When Tillyer was arrested, she denied the claims and said she had been raped by the children. She later pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual activity with a child.

Kate Bissett, mitigating, said Tillyer suffered from anxiety and a personality disorder. She said: ‘She was seeking intimacy rather than seeking to exploit them for sexual gratification.’

Jailing Tillyer, judge James Spencer QC said: ‘You took advantage of those boys when you should have shown a more responsible attitude. Of course they were willing participants but you were the adult. The adult has to take care of children even when they are 14 and think they know it all. Because of the degree of seriousness here, it does seem to me that there has to be a prison sentence.’

Tillyer was told her name will be added to the sex offender register for 10 years.


Mother, 40, Jailed for Having Threesome with Boys Age 14

Male feminist YouTuber Accused of Gunning Down Female Co-Host Now Charged With First-Degree Murder

Male feminists are a threat to women and girls

YouTuber Accused of Gunning Down Female Co-Host Now Charged With First-Degree Murder

Prosecutors in Colorado have upped the charges against Aleksandr Kolpakov, the YouTuber who runs the popular channel The Skeptic Feminist and who stands accused of killing his female co-host. The District Attorney’s office on Tuesday said that the 29-year-old YouTuber will now be charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Heather Anable. Previously, the charge was second-degree murder.


The coroner reported that Anable was shot multiple times in the neck and chest. The victim was found shot to death on the sidewalk in front of a home. Witness accounts say that both Kolpakov and Anable were seen together moments before the shooting, according to unsealed court records.

Documents released on late Wednesday state that Kolpakov acted erratically before and after the shooting, ranting about being poisoned and making references to a conspiracy. A neighbor who called 911 after the shooting informed deputies that he saw Kolpakov naked and behaving erratically from his home.

“He stated Alek was ‘Face-Timing’ a female, not his girlfriend, on a phone and telling her he was poisoned and the mushrooms were poisoned,’” deputies wrote of the neighbor’s testimony, the Grand Junction Sentinel reports.

The neighbor says he gave some of his clothes to Kolpakov and called Anable to help him. When Anable arrived, she took Kolpakov back to their shared apartment.

“(The neighbor) stated he then walked toward another friend’s apartment to the east and within 60 seconds heard gunshots,” wrote deputies.

Other witnesses who called 911 to report the shooting say that they heard multiple shots. “One reporting party stated he heard a female screaming, ‘I can’t believe,’ and then heard three gunshots,” read the unsealed affidavit. “He then heard a male saying, ‘You’re a monster,’ followed by two more shots while he was on the phone with 911.”

Deputies who arrived on the scene said that Kolpakov appeared to be under the influence of drugs during the arrest. Their report states: “While on scene, deputies were approached by a male [Kolpakov] who was talking nonsensically. He told deputies about rats, poison, a conspiracy and something to the effect of, ‘I had to put my sweet Heather down.’”

Mesa County investigators are now requesting that his blood be tested for the presence of drugs. Police discovered a semi-automatic handgun next to Anable’s lifeless body at the scene, which they believe to be the weapon used in the shooting.

Kolpakov, who is also known as “Russian Deadpool” in the YouTube community, teaches self-defense classes and claimed on his website and social media that he served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army. Following claims by Kolpakov’s fans that he may have been suffering from PTSD, the Army wrote in a statement that Kolpakov only served in the Virginia National Guard from 2006 to 2008 and that his highest rank was private E-2, meaning he only passed basic combat training. He lied about his military service record to the public by claiming to be a sergeant.

The Skeptic Feminist is a YouTube channel that was operated by Kolpakov and Anable. As a member of YouTube’s skeptic community, Kolpakov—who self-identified as a male feminist ally—often spoke about feminism from a “skeptic,” or atheist angle. He wasn’t skeptical about feminism.

Anable lists her work on Facebook as a graphic designer and the owner and operator of Anable Massage Therapy.

In Colorado, first degree murder is defined as a “deliberate, intentional killing of another” that is both willful or premeditated. If convicted, Kolpakov faces life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.