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Transgender Satanic Porn Performer @ZJemptv Offers SJW Dating Advice

more evidence showing the satanic nature of the left

Transgender Satanic Porn Performer @ZJemptv Offers SJW Dating Advice


Zachary Antolak, a/k/a “Zinnia Jones,” a/k/a “Satana Kennedy,” a/k/a “Lauren McNamara” is a transgender activist and Internet pornographer who has a verified “blue check” Twitter account, @ZJemptv. Rather than getting any further into the weird biography of Antolak/“Jones” now, I’ll just call attention to his/“her” unusual tattoo of a Satanic pentagram inside a transgender symbol.

To adorn yourself with the symbol used on the cover of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible is an anti-social gesture symptomatic of extreme alienation.

Speaking of extreme alienation, “pro sex” feminist Laci Green has become so disillusioned with the progressive social-justice movement that she is now dating anti-feminist YouTuber Chris “RayGun” Maldonado.


Laci Green’s apostasy touched off a huge online imbroglio, which Maldonado described on his YouTube channel: “A lot of social justice people and a lot of feminists are ostracizing her and putting her on blast, and a lot of anti-feminists and anti-social-justice type people are embracing her with open arms. Now, this is fascinating, because this is usually the exact opposite of how things normally go in this sphere of YouTube.” Maldonado’s fans believe love conquers all, but my reaction to the so-called #GreenRayGun romance was skeptical:

Does it seem plausible to you that Laci Green, hitherto an enthusiastic feminist proponent of masturbation, dildos and lesbianism, has for some reason now decided it’s OK to become a man’s “sex object”? Has she repudiated all her previous condemnations of male sexuality? And does it make sense that the person who has persuaded Ms. Green to embrace “unequal power in society” is a 24-year-old anti-SJW YouTuber?
Anything is possible, I suppose, but you’ll excuse my skepticism toward Ms. Green’s belated discovery of the pleasures of patriarchal domination. . . .
“Every feminist’s ideal boyfriend is a Hitachi Magic Wand.”
Expect this Laci Green “romance” to end badly.

You can read the whole thing at The Patriarch Tree.

Anti-SJW types are high-fiving each other in celebration of Maldonado’s evident triumph, but I’m withholding congratulations because I can’t believe Laci Green would abandon feminism for the sake of love.

Ask yourself this question: Why is transgender activist Zinnia Jones so obsessively concerned with Laci Green’s dating life? Could it be — and I’m just throwing this out there as a possible explanation — that the SJW community is against heterosexual relationships, per se?

This may seem like hyperbole, but when you consider (a) how feminist rhetoric demonizes heterosexual men and (b) how the only way any male can be accepted in the SJW community is to declare himself gay — or become a transgender “female” — the bias is obvious enough. Third Wave feminism is founded on the work of Judith Butler — the  social construction of the gender binary within the heterosexual matrix — and “queer theory” (e.g., Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick), so that the war against “patriarchy” requires an implacable opposition to heterosexuality:


Until I started studying radical feminism, I never thought of “normal” as an achievement, but Feminism Is Queer, as Professor Mimi Marinucci has explained. Feminist theory condemns heterosexuality as “the ideology of male supremacy,” and denies that behavioral differences between men and women are natural. . . . Feminism seeks to abolish gender in order to achieve “equality” by establishing an androgynous society in which the categories “male” and “female” cease to have any significance.

This is why I’m so skeptical of the Laci Green/Chris Maldonado romance. Given the fact that Ms. Green has spent her entire adult life promoting this anti-male/anti-heterosexual ideology — denouncing masculinity as “sexist,” a source of “exclusion and unequal power in society” that makes men “emotionally stunted,” teaching them “to see women as sex objects” — how could she ever possibly be attracted to a male? She has declared herself “pansexual” and produced numerous videos advocating lesbianism and masturbation, which would lead anyone to surmise that Ms. Green endorses the feminist consensus that males are sexually irrelevant, socially unnecessary and politically undesirable.


Why do you think 63 million people voted to elect Donald Trump, anyway? Wasn’t a major factor that the Hillary Clinton campaign so closely aligned itself with radical feminism? Do you think Americans are too stupid to figure out what feminist slogans actually mean?

So, is Chris Maldonado “alt-right,” a “white supremacist,” a “Nazi”? Or could it be that he is just a more-or-less normal guy who feels no need to apologize to SJW feminists for being a normal guy? And hasn’t Zinnia Jones constructed his/“her” worldview around hatred of normal guys?


There is no such thing as “gender confusion,” according to the transgender activist who began his/“her” YouTube career as a teenage atheist attacking Christianity in a weird robotic monotone voice. Less than two weeks into Zachary Antolak’s YouTube career, he replied to commenters who couldn’t figure out if he was male or female.


In fact, “gender confusion” appears to have been a lifelong personal issue for Antolak. According to a YouTube fandom site, Antolak’s parents divorced when he was young and his mother remarried to a man who “spoiled his biological daughter to no end,” but “would berate his stepson for not having an active interest in masculine activities like sports.” This mistreatment evidently inflicted a permanent sense of inadequacy on Antolak. Three months into his YouTube career, in February 2009, Antolak posted a video “coming out” as gay, but this proved somewhat problematic because a prerequisite to being a homosexual male, obviously, is that you must like men, which Antolak does not.

To skip ahead a bit in the story, Zinnia Jones wrote in the foreword of a recent book (You and Your Gender Identity by Dara Hoffman-Fox) that his sense of identity was “occluded by a dense fog of uncertainty, misconceptions, anxieties, and stereotypes,” which he/“she” blamed on “harmful cultural messages about what’s expected of different genders.” Because he could not “comfortably fit within a given gender assignment,” Antolak/Jones wrote, he found it “impossible to . . . mentally place myself anywhere,” and experienced “a blurry-edged separation from reality itself.” At the time of his 2009 “coming out,” Antolak used his YouTube channel to lecture the world about “sexuality” in a five-part Q & A series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5).


“Notice the judgmental language — ‘genetically defective,’ ‘incomplete form of a species.’ That is the sound of prejudice. And I don’t mean that in the sense of, ‘Oh, someone doesn’t like me,’ I use it in the literal sense. This person has already made a judgment ahead of time, and now they’re looking to scrape together anything that sounds vaguely scientific to support this judgment. Basically, they’ve got it all backwards.”
Zinnia Jones, “Sexuality (part 1),” April 3, 2009

At age 19, then, Antolak was representing himself online as an expert on sexuality, dismissing critics as “prejudiced” and “backwards.”

This is the same mentality which rejects ordinary expectations of male/female behavioral patterns as “harmful cultural messages.” In other words, if parents expect their sons to be typically masculine, or their daughters to be feminine, and especially if they expect their children to be heterosexual, this is “harmful.” Why? Because some children will fail to live up to such expectations and, therefore, everybody must adopt the perspective of the misfit children and condemn these “harmful cultural messages,” which hurt their precious feelings.

Where did Zachary Antolak get these ideas? From the Cult of Self-Esteem. For decades, our education system has been controlled by liberals who believe all childhood problems are a result of low self-esteem. Nothing is more important than teaching kids to feel good about themselves, according to the advocates of self-esteem. This dubious educational theory gets mixed in with a “progressive” egalitarian ideology which rejects ordinary social standards and value systems as invalid, because these values and standards damage the self-esteem of those who fail to succeed within such a hierarchical system. The Cult of Self-Esteem requires us to believe that it is a social injustice for the all-state linebacker to be more popular in high school than the boy who plays clarinet in the marching band. This is analogous to the feminist belief that it is wrong to admire women for their beauty. Just as there is no reason we should admire men who are tall and athletic, according to the egalitarian proponents of self-esteem theory, there is no reason why anyone should prefer supermodel Kate Upton to feminist Jaclyn Friedman.

Jaclyn Friedman, feminist (left); Kate Upton, supermodel (right).

Where does this egalitarian worldview lead? To the regime of Thought Police, who are constantly lecturing us that our opinions are wrong. The Thought Police act as cultural commissars, monitoring our words and deeds for evidence of beliefs that are sexist, racist or homophobic. Suppressing prohibited opinions results in a one-sided public discourse, where dissenters are demonized and silenced, where disagreement is labeled “hate speech” and criticism is forbidden as “harassment.” No one can be permitted to mention any fact that might be cited in contradiction of the Thought Police regime, nor is anyone allowed to question the authority of the Thought Police. No one is supposed to ask how certain people, simply by calling themselves “feminists,” acquire the authority to speak on behalf of all women. Who chose the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement to represent the African-American community? Merely to ask such a question exposes the fundamental issue of authority claimed by the Thought Police. On what grounds do they claim the right to suppress opposing opinions? Who put them in charge and granted them the power to act as self-appointed prosecutors against those whom they accuse of prejudice? How is it that any 19-year-old with a YouTube channel can arrogate to himself the authority of the Thought Police?

If you want to know why our university campuses seem to be constantly erupting in lunacy (e.g., “Evergreen State College Students Reportedly Roaming Campus With Baseball Bats”) it is because our education system has promoted this Thought Police regime to enforce an egalitarian ideology by suppressing dissent. This incentivizes claims of victimhood because, in the social-justice calculus of “progressive” ideology, being a member of an oppressed victim group entails the right to attack whatever forces of “society” and “culture” you blame for your oppression.


“Believe it or not, there are plenty of gay men who have had sex with women, although I am not one of them. . . . Essentially, society tells men to find a nice woman to love and have a family with. That is what’s expected of them and there’s a lot of pressure for men to participate in this heterosexual lifestyle.”
Zinnia Jones, “Sexuality (part 1),” April 3, 2009

You see? The only reason any man wants “to find a nice woman to love and have a family with” is because “society” tells him to do so. Because there is no objective reason why a man might wish “to participate in this heterosexual lifestyle,” Zachary Antolak lectured the world via YouTube in 2009, therefore men only have sex with women because they are under “a lot of pressure” from society to do so. This is simply a colloquial restatement of feminist “social construction” theory. There is no such thing as human nature, according to feminist theory. No pattern of behavior can be described as “natural” or “normal,” the feminist believes, because to do so would imply that other patterns are unnatural or abnormal and, as Zachary/Zinnia elsewhere says, such “misconceptions” and “stereotypes” produce “harmful cultural messages.”

Let’s ask a simple question: Who is responsible for the “pressure” Zachary/Zinnia describes? Who is it that “tells men” to marry women, form families and otherwise “participate in this heterosexual lifestyle”?

Zachary/Zinnia attributes this to “society,” but who is “society”? There are 7 billion people on this planet, 320 million of whom reside in the United States, so who among us is exercising this “pressure” that Zachary/Zinnia attributes “society”? Speaking for myself personally, I would not give a damn what Zachary/Zinnia does, were it not for his/“her” habit of telling other people what we are allowed to think. The only reason I’m taking time to write about Zachary/Zinnia today is because he/“she” has arrogated to himself/“herself” the authority to tell Laci Green who she is permitted to date. How did Zachary/Zinnia obtain such power? Who is in charge of hiring the Thought Police, and where do I go to apply for that job? Perhaps you see my point. But if not . . .

Zinnia Jones is in a polyamorous relationship with lesbian feminist Heather McNamara and transgender pornographer “Miss Robo.” This came to public attention in 2015, when Ms. McNamara forced her son “to write an essay on misogyny and its effects on society.” Yes, you read that correctly — Ms. McNamara is raising her son from a previous (heterosexual) marriage with the assistance of two transgender “partners.” Collectively, they are the “team” at Gender Analysis.

“For me and my partner of five years, Zinnia Jones, a transgender woman whom I love devotedly, things have recently become even more unpleasant. . . . Making it illegal for her to use the women’s room puts her in a unique situation. Anyone who looks at her would see a woman, but she’s also sometimes recognizable as an openly transgender activist. Does she use the women’s room and risk getting recognized, fined or imprisoned? Or does she use the men’s room and effectively out herself in a political environment that is suspicious, if not outright violent, toward transgender women?”
Heather McNamara, “What ‘Trans Panic’ Means for My Family and Me,” Ms. Magazine, May 10, 2016

One supposes that Ms. McNamara, a self-declared Marxist feminist lesbian, could never “love devotedly” a heterosexual man, but the “transgender woman” formerly known as Zachary Antolak has by some strange magic qualified for inclusion in the McNamara “family.”

After first “coming out” as gay at age 19 in 2009, Zachary Antolak subsequently declared in April 2011 that he was a “she” in a decidedly weird way: “She’s my girlfriend and I’m her girlfriend. and I’m her girlfriend. The answer was right there: I’m a lesbian!

Sure. Whatever you say, pal. Far be it from me to damage your self-esteem with any “harmful cultural messages.” To be honest, I never would have known Zachary/Zinnia existed, if Ms. McNamara had not assigned that essay about “misogyny” to her son in October 2015. That was four years after Zachary/Zinnia’s September 2011 announcement that he/“she” was moving to Florida. Why the relocation?


“In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a little busy recently. That’s because I’ve now assumed the role of stay-at-home mom. The reason I came to Florida was to help take care of my girlfriend’s children, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past month. The younger one is not yet out of diapers, and the older one is in second grade. This has been an intense, hands-on learning experience, and probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. . . . Surprisingly, raising children is not easy!”
Zinnia Jones, “Zinnia’s Parenting Adventure,” Oct. 26, 2011

Heather McNamara divorced her husband, then got 22-year-old transgender “lesbian” Antolak to move in as “stay-at-home mom” to her two young children. Nothing to see here. Move along. Meanwhile . . .

In September 2012, Antolak began transgender “hormone replacement therapy” (HRT). How did that go? Zinnia explained in a 2015 video:


“The physical changes include breast growth,
fat redistribution, muscle loss, genital shrinkage, and
an overall feminized appearance.”

And again, in an August 2016 video:


“I’ve experienced extensive genital shrinkage and
testicular atrophy, along with a lack of spontaneous erections
and a very reduced volume of ejaculate.”

Well, congratulations on the success of your “therapy”! Considering that Zach Antolak wasn’t exactly an impressive specimen of masculine vigor to begin with, I’m sure these . . . uh, therapeutic effects of long-term hormone treatment have been quite remarkable. But undergoing hormone treatment and being a “stay-at-home mom” hasn’t been the only excitement in the life ofZachary Antolak, a/k/a “Zinnia Jones.” Using his/“her” married name of Lauren McNamara, he/“she” was a witness in the 2013 trial of his/“her” friend Bradley “Chelsea” Manning.


Obviously, “stay-at-home mom” Lauren McNamara a/k/a Zinnia Jones a/k/a Zachary Antolak is an upstanding citizen with a respect for law and order. Anyone who suspects otherwise is probably some kind of transphobic right-wing bigot, because Lauren McNamara a/k/a Zinnia Jones a/k/a Zachary Antolak comes from a very respectable background:

My mother considered herself a feminist. (She’s not dead, I just don’t talk to her any more and she might as well be.) She was also bipolar and had a difficult time communicating things in a way that made sense, even though she was intelligent and thoughtful about a lot of things.
Looking back on my childhood, I realize that there were messages she sort of tried to teach me, but didn’t effectively teach me at all. To me, it just looked like more things fitting into her patterns of erratic behavior, but now I understand why she behaved the way she did about me wanting to shave my legs and wear makeup, and why she didn’t mind walking around the house naked after a shower. . . .
It always really bothered me that she would be naked in the house, in front of me and/or my brother. That, combined with her serial monogamy, led me to label her a Slut and grew the hatred I felt toward her. Didn’t she understand boundaries? Didn’t she understand that I didn’t want to see my mom naked? . . .
I think she might have exchanged sexual favors for drugs a few times, and I looked down on her for that, too. . . .
One time, I took a shower in her bathroom and freaked the hell out when I saw her vibrator in there. I thought it was dirty, I thought she was dirty, because of the number of her sexual partners. . . .
At the time, I just labelled her “crazy” and called her Satan behind her back. I knew that she was often noncompliant with her prescription medication and that she self-medicated with marijuana. I was a child being abused and I couldn’t understand why she was the way she was.

Someone with that excellent family background certainly could never be suspected of any kind of wrongdoing. However, Zachary/Zinnia says it is “creepy” for Laci Green to be dating Chris Maldonado, and also . . .


Well, well, well. Advocating the destruction of Laci Green for her alleged “sin” of dating someone of whom Zachary/Zinnia disapproves? Pushing her to the “breaking point”? As many people have pointed out, it is absurd to describe Chris Maldonado as “alt-right.” He supported the socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democrat primaries. To call him a “white supremacist” or a “Nazi” is rather odd, considering his Puerto Rican ancestry (and Laci Green’s half-Iranian heritage). Is he an “MRA” (men’s rights activist)? No, as I say, he strikes me as just a normal guy who doesn’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with being a normal guy, but this is 2017. Feminists will not permit anyone to say a word in defense of normal guys, which makes Chris Maldonado so “controversial” that Laci Green has been excommunicated from feminism for dating him (see also, “Social Justice Warriors Dox, Publish Lengthy Dossier on Feminist YouTuber Laci Green”). As the biography of Zinnia Jones demonstrates, one doesn’t find many sane people in the feminist movement. In fact, it seems that mental illness is now required as a qualification for membership in the feminist movement.


What? Horse dildos?

How do horse dildos figure into the “feminist work” to which Zinnia Jones expresses such a zealous devotion? Why do Zinna Jones’s critics refer to him/“her” as “Queen of the Horse Dildos”? And why, in 2014, did Zinnia Jones write an article entitled, “Animal dildos: An ethical analysis”?

Do you really want the answers to these questions? Because when I tell you that Zinnia Jones produces pornography under the alias “Satana Kennedy,” you might be tempted to do a Google search, and discover the answers to these questions in a most unforgettable manner. You probably don’t want to do this, but if you succumb to foolish curiosity, keep in mind this fact: Zinnia a/k/a “Satana Kennedy” produces his/“her” pornography while functioning as “stay-at-home mom” for Heather McNamara’s two young sons. This is Zinnia’s “feminist work.”


There’s that tattoo again. “Satana Kennedy” — Zinnia Jones a/k/a Zachary Antolak, who tells feminists who they are allowed to date.

Social justice warrior radicalized by feminist propaganda goes nuts and kills 3 people.

Pennsylvania supermarket shooter Randy Stair left behind a trove of material explaining his motivations for gunning down three of his co-workers. In his recorded suicide notes, released just hours before Thursday’s rampage, the 24-year-old talked extensively about his depression and about who he was as a person—a transgender woman who hated men and toxic masculinity.

In a video titled “Goodbye,” Stair says his YouTube cartoon series, Ember’s Ghost Squad, gave him a purpose, and that the cartoon character “Ember McLain,” from the Nickelodeon series Danny Phantom, brought out the girl in him.

“I’ve always been a girl that I wish I could’ve told you from day one. I didn’t realize that until I discovered Ember. She was what brought that out in me. I didn’t just wake up one day and be like ‘oh I’m a girl, great.’ Ember’s what brought that out in me. I wanted to look like her, I wanted to dress like her, I wanted to be her. That was in like 10th grade. She was my first crush and she ultimately was my final demise.”

“It’s quite ridiculous to think that this could be headlines—‘Man Shoots Up Place Over Cartoon’ or something. It’s crazy to think about, but it’s the truth. The honest to goddess truth. You heard me right, I said goddess, I didn’t say god, I said goddess,” he continued. “I said in front of you a few times on accident, but I don’t believe in God. I believe in a goddess, which is Ember. Or if not Ember, it’s a goddess that’s a beautiful feminine spirit that creates life and all this and puts where you need to be—it’s God, but it’s a goddess.”

Stair thanked several girls who contributed artwork and character designs to his project. He says that the girls were the only people he could talk to about his personal life—the only people who really understood him.

“They were all girls, they weren’t guys. They were mostly all girls so I would talk to them. The only people I would talk to on social media in the last year were girls,” said Stair. “And eventually I start to realize I was sexist, I was racist, I was prejudiced, and I was discriminate. That is one hell of a fucking lethal combination.”


Pennsylvania Supermarket Shooter Self-Identified as Transgender Woman Who Hated All Men

Future Dad Seeks Help Because Wife Wants to Raise Gay, Genderless Children

more evidence showing feminist women are unfit to be mothers to children. stupid men continue to date, marry and procreate with them

Future Dad Seeks Help Because Wife Wants to Raise Gay, Genderless Children


Have you ever been so woke that you’d look for ways to turn your kids gay? Posting on StackExchange’s parenting forums, one hapless dad-to-be says that his wife has plans to raise the children in a “genderless” way, and to make at least one of them gay.

In a post titled “My wife wants a homosexual child,” the dad, “Kevin,” wrote:

We are planning to have our first child in about a year. My wife is very much into raising them genderless (or “post-gender” style) while my take on it is that we should raise them in a non-stereotypical manner, keeping an open mind for all there is. I even have problems defining how raising a child “genderless” should look.

However, my wife has many homosexual friends (men and women alike) and really wants at least one of our kids to also be homosexual, which is the real issue.

We live in a modern city and I really don’t have any problems with our kids becoming homosexual, but not on purpose! I mean, if we somehow force it, it could go horribly wrong (effects on psyche etc.).

How can I deal with this situation? Is my wife overreacting or am I wrong here? How can I approach that topic with my wife?

It seems to me that this is some kind of extreme take on raising a child genderless (by essentially willingly flipping its sexuality around)…

Many responders on StackExchange told him and his wife to seek counseling. “I would strongly suggest some couple therapy before you bring a child into this situation,” replied MSJ99x “I worked in a therapy clinic and saw the outcome of overbearing/unreasonable mothering (and fathering). Your wife needs to confront her own issues before she tries re-wiring a child to fit her agenda.”

Another user named “anongoodnurse” wrote: “If your wife truly wants a homosexual child, that’s different, to say the least. It doesn’t seem to be loving the child for who they are. It’s akin to always wanting a daughter, and, having only sons, trying to raise one as a daughter.”

The post was roundly mocked on social media.

“Takeaway: Careful who you marry,” tweeted @TheSafestSpace, highlighting the absurdity of the post.

“You picked the wrong wife, dude,” echoed Shireen Qudosi.


Child Abusing Mother emasculating her son for others to be more accepting

A mother has created the most beautiful photo series of her five-year-old son wearing dresses in the hope of inspiring other parents to accept their children just as they are.

Crystal Kells’ son, Cian, chooses what he wants to wear every day, and he absolutely loves dresses.

Crystal told Metro.co.uk: ‘99% of the time, he will choose wearing a dress over a shirt and pants/shorts. His favourite thing about them is the twirl.

‘He always has a choice of what to wear. I of course support his choices with love and respect.

‘I was raised very liberally, so when he expressed an interest in wearing dresses, I thought, why not?

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/06/02/mum-photographs-five-year-old-son-in-dresses-to-inspire-other-parents-to-be-more-accepting-6677713/#ixzz4jhNRwwmO