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Cross Dressing Biological Man publicly rips his daughter, MSNBC host, as ‘transphobic’

The three men most responsible for the transgender movement – Dr. Alfred Kinsey, Dr. Harry Benjamin, and Dr. John Money were all pedophilia activists.


June 16, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Male-to-female transsexual reporter “Hannah Zoey” Tur, formerly Bob Tur, is in the news again, this time for publicly blasting his own daughter, MSNBC host Katy Tur, as “transphobic” for avoiding contact with him since he began his “transition” to faux womanhood.

In a June 13 Facebook post, Bob Tur wrote, “Truth is my daughter does not support the LGBT community. She’s Transphobic and fearful that it will hurt her career as a broadcaster in these alt-right times putting career before family. In the words of Paddy Chayefsky: She’s pure television.”

Walt Heyer, a former transsexual who now urges gender-confused men not to go through “sex reassignment surgeries,” said Tur’s politicized public putdown of his own daughter “shows you how deeply their disordered thinking runs.”

Heyer told LifeSiteNews that married men and fathers who “change genders” to live as “females” are narcissists guilty of the “ultimate family betrayal … because it’s always all about them.”

Bob aka Hannah Zoey Tur is the same “transgender” activist who in 2015 threatened conservative Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of Daily Wire, on the HLN “Dr. Drew” show, after Shapiro addressed him as “Sir.” Sitting next to Shapiro on a panel, and with his hand on the back of Shapiro’s neck, Tur said, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

The much younger yet unflappable Shapiro refused to back down, saying, “It’s not rude to say someone who is biologically male is a male. … The entire discussion is whether we are embracing mental illness and delusion as a society.”

Changes mind on ‘transphobic’ daughter

Bob Tur’s Facebook public shaming of daughter Katy came just three days after the New York Times ran a long, sympathetic profile of her. The reconciliation between the two referenced in the Times piece apparently fizzled, as it took less than a year for Bob Tur to publicly switch from telling the Hollywood Reporter last July that his daughter was not “transphobic” to now saying that she is.

“Transphobic” is the gender-bending counterpart of “homophobic.” Both are widely used to stigmatize critics of LGBTQ lifestyles by conflating disagreement with irrational fear.

In another Facebook post, also June 13, Bob Tur, commenting on a selfie of him with his son Jamie, referred to Katy as Jaime’s “anti-LGBT transphobic sister Katy.”

Jerilayne Waxman commented on that post: “God almighty woman. Stop alienating your other child. I get that you have an uphill battle in your fight to be accepted for who you are. But stop publicly shaming your daughter. You aren’t helping the cause. At all.”

Here is the June 10 New York Times account of Katy’s interactions and attempted reconciliations with her gender-confused father:

“In 2003, Bob Tur and Marika Gerrard divorced. Ten years later, he told the family that he was undergoing hormone treatment to become a woman, a gender transition now completed. Bob Tur became Zoey Tur …

“Last July, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Zoey Tur claimed that Katy Tur had been estranged since her [Bob Tur’s] gender transition. ‘It’s not that she’s transphobic,’ Zoey Tur said. ‘It’s that her hero father has become this. And it’s fear of not fitting in. It’s the pressure of being on network television.

“[New York Times reporter Luisita Lopez Torregrosa:] When I brought up her father’s remarks, Ms. Tur went silent. After a pause, she disputed the accuracy of her father’s version and said that their rift had nothing to do with her father’s transition, and that they are speaking now. ‘We were not on speaking terms for a little while,’ she said, ‘but that’s not because of the transition.’

“Later, from Asia, Zoey Tur emailed me: ‘About my transition, I demanded early on that my children accept what even I don’t fully understand myself. No child should have to deal with a father in transition from male to female. Perhaps it will be the subject of Katy’s second book!’ One day last December, she said, ‘Katy called to tell me she was sorry and that she loved and accepted me. We agreed to set things right and have been working on that goal.’”

Heyer takes daughter’s side

Heyer, author of several books critical of transgenderism, said whatever the status is of the conflict between Bob and Katy Tur, “I take the daughter’s side. … Her father is obviously so deeply narcissistic and self-centered.”

“The daughter is the saner of the two,” Heyer told LifeSiteNews. “I believe children should distance themselves from such a mentally disturbed person.”

Others agree that Bob aka Hannah Zoey Tur is badly mistreating his daughter.

Carson Wyatt, responding to Tur’s Facebook post calling Katy “transphobic,” first called him a bad name and then said, “No wonder your daughter doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. Self-important media whore. Your daughter has every right to have mixed feelings about you, you were her father and now you are just a second mother.”

Heyer, who once lived a double life as “Laura” and went through the full, body-mutilating transsexual surgeries to try to “become” her, said it is appropriate for the child of a male-to-female transsexual to “hold off” on spending time with him until he “restores his sanity” and “stops playing this silly game of ‘I’m a different gender.’”

Below is father Bob Tur’s June 13 Facebook post:

When I came out in May of 2013 I told TMZ’s Harvey Levin and National Public Radio I was done running, hiding and I would be open and honest. No one would put me back in the closet. I broke that pledge and I’ve out of integrity. I apologize.

My daughter Katy said she’s “terrified” to meet me. She told me the day My x GF Carrie Fisher died that she was going to “set things right” and come see me. That was 171 days ago. Her promise was a whole lot a nuthin. It’s been 1,500 days since she last saw me and told me I was a terrible father after having just come out. I was crushed.

On June 8th (I) turned 57 and no call-not even an email. On Pride Sunday the NYTimes published a story about Katy that left me humiliated. The timing and optics couldn’t be worse.

Truth is my daughter does not support the LGBT community. She’s Transphobic and fearful that it will hurt her career as a broadcaster in these alt-right times putting career before family. In the words of Paddy Chayefsky: She’s pure television.

I apologize to you all and will continue to fight for my community.

Happy Pride 2017 and Resist!

Toronto Critic of Islamism Told: ‘I Have a Gun For You’…


Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah was waiting for the bus at St. Michael’s Hospital when a taxi pulled up to him not to offer a ride but to deliver a threat.

“The guy spoke to me in my native language of Urdu,” Fatah said Friday. “He said he recognized my face and then said ‘I have a gun for you.’”

He drove off.

But when stopped at a nearby red light at Church and Queen Sts., even with his limited mobility after major surgery, the former leader of the Muslim Canadian Congress wandered over with the help of his cane and took a picture of the taxi and driver.

“I have turned all of that over to Toronto Police.”

Fatah admits he was stunned.

“It was a death threat no question. I have had them before but it still shakes you,” said the 67-year-old author, who “has been fighting Islamism since 1966.”

Most of Fatah’s recent threats have emanated out of India, where he worked on a TV show last year and talked openly about his quarrel with the “Muslim Brotherhood approach” to Islam.

The allegation of such a threat, or religious hate of any kind, is so sad because we have free speech in Canada and such acceptance of all faiths and races. We have seen despicable, fatal hate crimes on Muslims, Jews and Christians and it is unacceptable every time it happens.

Fatah’s voice is important because it’s unleashed.

With photographer Craig Robertson, we noticed in his house he had 18 Qurans and many other books in Islam. Fatah is a proud Muslim who does not feel those who use his religion for evil are genuine followers of the faith. He has drawn a lot of criticism from some who feel differently.

For example, as my Toronto Sun colleague Brad Hunter reported in April, police in Mumbai stopped an ISIS hit on Fatah that was ordered because of “contentious issues related to Islam” as reported in the Times of India. Two men were arrested.

But he didn’t expect that animus to travel all the way over here in Canada.

Fatah has been vocal on his views about sections of the Quran that talk of “Jews and Christians” going estray, which were not in the original book “but added 200 years later.”

He says he would like to see all such mentions “taken out” since “they were not in the Quran in the first place.”

Doing that, he feels, could prevent those who favour a radicalized form of Islam from citing passages “that are merely hearsay added into the Quran” and could help dissuade hardcore followers of the religion to not part take in Jihads and holy wars.

“They want to silence me for exposing the true nature of Islamism and preventing Sharia law coming to Canada,” said Fatah. “I won’t be silenced about that.”

Toronto Police confirm they are investigating this incident and have told Fatah they have identified the taxi driver and will interview him.

As for the cabbie and his “I have a gun for you” comment, Fatah says if he is “apologetic” and “acknowledges that threatening a Canadian person for having his own opinion is not okay” he would be prepared to let it go with a hope threats on his life will not end up becoming a reality.

But for now Fatah says his complaint to Toronto Police 51 Division stands.



Canada: Syrian Muslim refugee (father of six) going to trial for sexually assaulting 6 little girls in public pool

A trial date has been set for the man accused of sexually assaulting several young girls at the West Edmonton Mall (WEM) waterpark earlier this year.

Soleimen Soleimen Hajj has pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to court documents obtained by 630 CHED.

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The trial is set for Jan. 22 to Jan. 24, 2018.

Hajj was charged in February after Edmonton police alleged he inappropriately touched six young girls while they were swimming at the waterpark.

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Police said all six girls were under the age of 16.

The waterpark was booked out by the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) at the time, which represents non-academic staff at the University of Alberta campus. The organization said the 39-year-old was not a member of their group.

Hajj is a Syrian refugee and father of six. He is charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference.

Canada: Syrian Muslim refugee (father of six) going to trial for sexually assaulting 6 little girls in public pool

Man charged with sex assaults at West Edmonton Mall waterpark to go to trial in 2018