Emasculated Male Feminist: Refusing to be a man

Refusing to be a man


Terms like ‘bisexual’, ‘homosexual’, and ‘heterosexual’ are all part of maculinist culture, for they categorize people by objecting those we share intimacy and trust with. ‘To be a man’ means a certain kind of genital functioning which can and must be rejected, for it is based on two lies. The first is the lie of the male orgasm, which is experientially neither synonymous with ejaculation nor at any point inevitable or uncontrollable. The second is the lie of the male erection, which is necessary only for the penis to be used as a weapon in rape, for, experientially, hard erections are neither comfortable nor pleasurable nor anything other than symptoms of the aggressive tenseness and rigidity of the macho man.

Women’s Studies International Forum

Volume 7, Issue 1, 1984, Pages 25-27