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Laci Green cannot be trusted – She abandoned her beliefs for cock



Yes, I know I was the one who wrote so many articles about her getting red-pilled, and yes, I know I’m flip flopping ………. However, we have to be honest here – Laci Green didn’t become a reasonable person because she had a moral epiphany and realized that the views she previously held are false and hateful. She’s getting “red-pilled” because she wants to please her new boyfriend, Chris Ray Gun. For anyone not in the known, Laci Green herself confirmed on Twitter that she is now dating Anti-Sjw YouTuber, Chris Ray Gun:


This new unlikely relationship is the cause of Laci Green’s sudden and unexpected rejection of her radical feminist views. A few days after Chris Ray Gun began giving her the D, Laci Green suddenly had a change of heart and decided to become a reasonable person. So basically we have proven that Chris’s penis can cure cancer, which is good and all, but what does that say about Laci Green?


This woman was as radical a Feminist as they come. Her entire YouTube channel, Twitter account and Facebook page are filled with Feminist vitriol about how offensive speech needs to be banned, how there are numerous genders (5, to be exact, is how many she said there are) and how rape accusations should be believed without evidence. And she threw all that away just because of sexual intercourse? I’m not impressed.

Either she never believed any of the things she claimed to have believed in the first place and was only doing it for the money/attention, or she did believe them. In the case of the later, it means that her entire “Shitlord” status is dependent on Chris Ray Gun being able to maintain his sexual prowess. If this dude becomes impotent tomorrow, what’s stopping Laci Green from flipping back to her former self? Or even worse, they have a horrible break-up and she becomes an even more radicalized Feminist out of spite.

Forget the obnoxious and annoying Laci Green you know, the new post-breakup Laci Green  will probably want to harvest our organs and place us in male concentration camps. I’m joking of course, but you get my point. Can you really trust someone who is so impressionable and corruptible that a penis in her vagina (or somewhere else) can make her abandon beliefs she has held for several years? If she comes across a buff and fit ISIS fighter in the future, can we expect her to start waging Global Jihad? People like this are always the first to  jump off a sinking ship. I hope I’m wrong about her, but I probably am not……




Child Abusing Lesbian ‘gender non-conforming’ couple tries to force son to have ‘queer’ gender relationship

June 21, 2016 (MRCTV) — A lesbian couple featured in a BuzzFeed video on “gender non-conforming” parenting is trying to force their son to have a “queer” relationship with his gender despite his protests.

In Buzzfeed’s “I Am A Gender Non-Conforming Parent” video, Dashiell and Michelle explain how they raise their son, Atticus, as a lesbian couple with a “gender non-conforming” parent.

“It’s really funny, because he’s like super into sports,” Michelle said. “Maybe he was like an Olympic athlete in his past life. He like, came with all of these sporting talents that are like visible at 17 months. That’s what Dashiell liked growing up. She easily relates to him on that level.”

“I’m constantly like trying to queer my relationship with him and get him to wear tutus. He hates it. He’s just like, ‘no,’” Michelle said.

“When I catch myself trying to do these things, it ends up making me feel really retro and dumb about gender,” Michelle continued. “It just takes me away from the reality of like, him. Atticus. Like who is he? What does he want? And the sort of purity of the things that he’s interested in or delighted by.”

“Obviously, I want to support whatever he wants to be,” Michelle said.





Church of Lucifer Temple in Colombia


Published on Jan 30, 2016

On 12 January 2016, A man builds a temple for LUCIFER located in a rural area of Montenegro, quindio, Colombia . These are the photos of your architecture and structure.Watch as you see all the Satanic symbols we see every where in the media watch as I prove how the secret societies believe in the same thing as the Freemasons!

If you still doubt the connection of these symbols to Satanism after seeing this, then you are really blind.


Argentinian man tries reporting abusive wife to police, is told to “stop being a fag,” ends up getting stabbed to death.



A man died in San Juan after being stabbed in the chest by his wife, who was accused of mistreating him and planning his death.

The victim, identified as Alfredo Turcumán, 28, agonized for eight days at the Guillemo Rawson Hospital, after receiving the attack near the left nipple and at heart.

Turcumán had repeatedly denounced acts of violence, but when he entered the medical center, he said that the wound had been caused by him in a domestic accident while handling a knife.

However, the police suspect the situation and began an investigation where he interrogated the relatives of the wounded who accused the wife, Claudia Moya.

In this sense, they said that they had been married a few months ago and described the relationship as unhealthy.

They also added that the woman harassed and assaulted him permanently.

One of his brothers confessed to the Diario de Cuyo that “the woman had very unhealthy jealousy against his daughter. She was often beaten and asked to be ‘no fag’ at the police station.”

Upon this statement, the Public Ministry will initiate an internal investigation.

“From the Office of Management Control, we conducted an internal investigation to determine what happened,” said Cadena 3 prosecutor Claudia Salica.

The family also said that even coworkers saw him beaten and bruised.

The investigating judge Benedicto Correa ordered the arrest of the woman and called the case as a homicide aggravated by the bond.

Report of Jorge Méndez .

Scam Artist, Copyright Thief, Racist and Confessed Segregationist Anita Sarkeesian Calls YouTuber ‘Garbage Human’ in Yelling Rant During Vidcon Pane

I left out Paedophile Apologist



The largest gathering of YouTubers is taking place this week at Vidcon 2017, and one of the first panels to kick off the proceedings featured Anita Sarkeesian, who spoke at the “Women Online Discussion” panel on Thursday.

Sarkeesian has courted controversy for her feminist takes on video games and the media. And she’s been criticized for misrepresenting her subjects.

The panel was rife with negativity as Sarkeesian and her co-hosts spoke about their negative online interactions with viewers and critics, who often take them to task for pushing feminist ideology into every subject. During her rant, Sarkeesian took the opportunity to publicly humiliate a member of the audience.

“When I got harassment that actually is original I kind of have this moment where I’m like ‘oh cool, you tried.’ It’s just all the same,” said Sarkeesian, who raged about the negative feedback she receives online.

It was very similar to a lot of other women that I’ve seen online get harassed we buckle down and we expect it which is such a horrible place to be. And then when I launched a Kickstarter to fund a series of videos that would look at women in video games was when my life totally changed and I had a massive mob come after me and they have still been after me.

It was just interesting moment because I didn’t mean to release a video on the topic but these primarily men lost their minds so aggressively that I was being doxed. I was getting bomb threats, they were going after my family.

She was referring to threats that GamerGate supporters were accused of making but later were cleared by the FBI.


“If you google my name on YouTube you get sh**heads like this dude who are making these dumbass videos that just say the same shit over and over again,” Sarkeesian said, while pointing at Carl Benjamin, better known as Sargon of Akkad. “And like I hate to give you attention because you’re a garbage human. Whatever dude.”

Benjamin has produced videos debunking Sarkeesian’s feminist hysteria.

“But the fact that these dudes are making endless videos going after every feminist over and over and over again I think is a part of the issue. Why do we have these conversations? We don’t just get to be online. We don’t just get to participate like everyone else.”

Sarkeesian previously went to the United Nations alongside GamerGate catalyst Zoe Quinn to campaign for the suppression of free speech on the Internet over complaints that she was tired of being told “you suck.”


Mentally Ill Patients are Being “Executed” Under Dutch Euthanasia Law

Nazi Germany first Started Euthanasia




Mentally Ill Patients are Being “Executed” Under Dutch Euthanasia Law


Boudewijn Chabot, a Dutch euthanasia advocate, has written a lengthy opinion piece denouncing the eroding of safeguards for vulnerable patients.

Chabot was prosecuted for the 1991 assisted suicide of a 50-year-old healthy woman suffering from “existential distress.” Though he was found guilty of the crime, he wasn’t punished. The case became a landmark, however, leading to the Euthanasia Act of 2002, which legalised, by statute, assisted suicide and euthanasia in the Netherlands. Chabot is completely in favour of “self-determination” when it comes to euthanasia, writing chillingly that the continuing increase of cases “does not disturb me – even if the number exceeds tens of thousands in a few years.”

Execution of dementia patients

However, he says, “what does worry me is the increase in the number of times euthanasia was performed on dementia patients, from 12 in 2009 to 141 in 2016, and on chronic psychiatric patients, from 0 to 60.”

He recounts some of the horrific cases of patients of advanced dementia being euthanized without consent, such as one woman whose coffee was drugged, and who when she tried to struggle was held down by her family, and another where a husband mixed sleep medication in the porridge of his demented wife before the GP arrived with his deadly syringe. He describes both of these cases as “executions”.

What is happening?

“To understand what has gone wrong, the reader must know the three most important ‘due care criteria’ of the law. There must be: 1) a voluntary and deliberate request; 2. unbearable suffering without prospect of improvement; 3. No reasonable alternative to euthanasia,” he says.

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Chabot explains that the conditions for euthanasia are being eroded. For example, “once upon a time, moving to a nursing home or receiving treatment with some medication was still considered a ‘reasonable alternative’ for euthanasia.” However, ethicist Govert Hartogh, a member of the euthanasia Evaluation Committee, now says: “The patient suffers unbearably when he says he suffers unbearably and an alternative is not a reasonable alternative if the patient rejects it. In fact, these requirements then add little to the requirement of a voluntary and thoughtful request.”

Chabot is also worried about the recent development that prior written consent for euthanasia is now taken to have the same weight as verbal consent. The patients’ own determinations of “unbearable suffering” as well as his written consent now being sufficient, “the door has been opened wide for euthanasia of patients with severe dementia.”

Slippery slope

Interestingly, Chabot compares the erosion of safeguards to what happened with abortion law. “In order to get abortion, a woman had to be in an ’emergency’ situation. Soon every woman knew that she got what she wanted if she requested it and rejected any other solution.” He also says that most patients are killed not in hospitals but by The End of Life Clinic, which “offers access to euthanasia to patients whose own physicians have denied their request for euthanasia” and whose physicians have “very little expertise in palliative care”. Church Militant points out that “like abortion mills, the doctors there do not provide care for the patient but only purport to alleviate suffering by killing him”.

Incapacitated people being surreptitiously killed

Chabot’s conclusion serves as a warning of the danger vulnerable people in this country would be put in if euthanasia was ever made legal.

“The euthanasia practice is running amok because the legal requirements which doctors can reasonably apply in the context of physically ill people, are being declared equally applicable without limitation in the context of vulnerable patients with incurable brain diseases. In psychiatry, an essential limitation disappeared when the existence of a treatment relationship was no longer required. In the case of dementia, such a restriction disappeared by making the written advance request equivalent to an actual oral request. And lastly, it really went off the tracks when the review committee concealed that incapacitated people were surreptitiously killed.”

LifeNews Note: Courtesy of SPUC. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is a leading pro-life organziation in the United Kingdom.

Paedophilia And Bestiality Supporting Vice Media: “Science Has Consistently Underestimated Women Because Scientists Are Sexist”


read the thing




Men are physically stronger than women, who have, on average, less total muscle mass, both in absolute terms and relative to total body mass. The greater muscle mass of men is the result of testosterone-induced muscular hypertrophy. Men also have denser, stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments.