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Feminist Teen Magazine: American Teen Tortured Into Coma In North Korea Deserved It Because Of His ‘Whiteness’

Onn Tuesday, Affinity Magazine, a “social justice” teen magazine, tweeted out this insanity as the world reacted to the death of college student Otto Wambier, murdered by the North Koreans for the sin of removing a poster from a wall to bring home:


Watch whiteness work. He wasn’t a “kid” or “innocent” you can’t go to another country and try to steal from them. Respect their laws https://t.co/nmpED7K2SY

— Affinity Magazine (@TheAffinityMag) June 19, 2017


Unfortunately, this hot take — a take so hot it would actually consume the sun with its own heat — wasn’t the only left-wing attempt to slam Warmbier for the brutal sin of whiteness. The Huffington Post ran a piece after Warmbier was sentenced to over a decade in jail in North Korea in which the author stated:

[M]y mother’s callous reaction to [Michael] Fay’s sentence is my reaction to another young white man who went to an Asian country and violated their laws, and learned that the shield his cis white male identity provides here in America is not teflon abroad. … I’m a black woman though. The hopeless fear Warmbier is now experiencing is my daily reality living in a country where white men like him are willfully oblivious to my suffering even as they are complicit in maintaining the power structures which ensure their supremacy at my expense. He is now an outsider at the mercy of a government unfazed by his cries for help. I get it.

Larry Wilmore ripped Warmbier as a “frat boy,” and “Frat Boy Privilege not valid in totalitarian dystopias.” Funny, Wilmore never had anything to say about his rich and famous friends visiting the gulag state of Cuba.

This sort of stupidity from the Left isn’t uncommon. It merely demonstrates that when you see the world in terms of class, color, and sexual orientation — when you are convinced that every white straight male is a victimizer — you’re more likely to excuse atrocities against such “fortunate” people.

Never mind that North Korea is filled with North Koreans tortured, imprisoned, murdered, and kept in slave-like conditions. Warmbier had it coming.




Feminist Professor: ‘Trumpism’ Is About ‘Discourses of Masculinized Dominance’


You may think that elections are decided over issues of public policy, but that’s only because you’re a stupid Republican who doesn’t have a Ph.D. in sociology like Professor C.J. Pascoe:

The rise of Trumpism exemplifies a contest over masculinity, over who qualifies as a “real man.” . . . Both the Trumpist and anti-Trumpist movements exemplify similar discourses of masculinized dominance in which social actors claim masculinity through discourses and symbols of “compulsive heterosexuality” and divest others of it through the emasculating practices of a “fag discourse.” . . .
The election of President Trump is, in many ways, the story of American white, heterosexual masculinity, of a particularly noxious combination of racism, sexism and nationalism. Definitions of masculinity are culturally bound and “lives of particular groups of men are shaped by globally acting economic and political forces.” (Connell, 2011, p. 9). As global economic relations are reordered, so are masculinities (Salzinger, 2016). This means that the trend of western economic and social decline increasingly noted by scholars (Hoang, 2015; Carlson, 2015) has specific ramifications for white western men and definitions of masculinity. This decline is a particularly masculinized one, both in effects and response. . . .
Not surprisingly, given the association of American masculinity with workplace success, whiteness, heterosexuality and social and economic self-sufficiency, this decline has been particularly felt by working class white men who have responded with both rage and mourning . . .
Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again” was in many ways a promise to “Make men ‘great again’ too, both fist-pounding, gun-toting guy-guys and high-flying entrepreneurs. To white, native born, heterosexual men he offered a solution to the dilemma they had long faced as the ‘left-behinds’ of the 1960s and 1970s celebration of other identities” (Hochschild 2016, p. 229). . . .
The story of Trumpism and movements against it is an example of the tenacity of inequality in gendered discourses. . . .

You can read the whole thing, if you’re into brain-numbing gender-theory explanations, complete with citations to such radical feminist sources as Andrea Dworkin, Adrienne Rich, Angela Davis, Catharine MacKinnon, Alison Jaggar, and Sheila Jeffreys. This is the anti-male/anti-heterosexual ideology I expose in my book Sex Trouble, and this ideology is now taught as gospel in university Women’s Studies programs everywhere.

The fact that the American education system is controlled by Democrats, employed at taxpayer expense to indoctrinate students with “progressive” ideology, is one of those public-policy issues that Professor Pascoe doesn’t consider as relevant to Trump’s election as her explanations about “definitions of masculinity” and “gendered discourses.” However, our universities are being funded by a massive bubble of student-loan debt — “$1.3 trillion in federal student debt owed by 42.4 million Americans,” and a recent study found that “millions of people had not made a payment on $137 billion in federal student loans for at least nine months in 2016, a 14 percent increase in defaults from a year earlier.”

What Professor Glenn Reynolds calls The Higher Education Bubble is a major public issue. When you see academic careerists like Professor Pascoe attacking “Trumpism,” you have to realize it’s because Trump represents a threat to their interests. Academia is failing, and the professors responsible for this failure want a student-loan bailout, to keep the federal subsidies rolling in to continue paying for their failures.


Feminist Professor: ‘Trumpism’ Is About ‘Discourses of Masculinized Dominance’

Congressional Democrats Want a $15 Minimum Wage—but Pay Their Interns Nothing

Progressive members of Congress have rallied around the Raise the Wage Act, which would raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2024. But they may want to fix a glaring income inequality issue in their own offices first.

Of the nearly 190 members of Congress co-sponsoring the $15 minimum-wage legislation, the vast majority don’t pay their own interns a penny. The analysis, conducted by the right-of-center Employment Policies Institute, found that only 10 of the co-sponsors of the bill offer their interns any compensation whatsoever, usually in the form of a stipend.

Minimum-wage jobs and internships are, of course, different things. People support families on the former, while the latter aren’t permanent and are mostly aimed at students trying to gain professional experience and bank some extra money (sometimes to pay for their college education).

But there’s a principle of fairness around both.  Carlos Vera, founder and executive director of the non-profit bipartisan group Pay Our Interns, said it was hypocritical for the Democrats pushing for a $15 minimum wage to expect their own interns to work for free.

“I think it’s important to practice what you preach and ensure that your values are aligning with your actions,” said Vera.


For instance, Rep. Keith Ellison has tweeted that “Americans deserve nothing less” than $15 an hour. He also said that the increased hourly wage “isn’t too much to ask from corporations booking huge profits.” (No comment from his office on whether it’s too much to ask Congress to pay interns.)

Last month, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that if Democrats took back the House in 2018, “in the first 100 hours we will pass a $15 minimum wage.” And Sen. Chuck Schumer added that he will “continue fighting tooth and nail” to impose the minimum-wage increase on businesses.

We reached out to each of these members of Congress to see how they reconciled unpaid internships with their calls for $15-an-hour pay. They did not respond.


Unpaid internships, which many companies also offer, are fairly commonplace on Capitol Hill. About half of Republicans and one-fourth of Democrats offer them, according to Pay Our Interns. Even so, critics say, unpaid internships can provide an unfair advantage to middle- to upper-income college students; their low-income counterparts may not be able to work for free for a summer, however good the experience would look on their resume.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is the only Raise the Wage co-sponsor who pays his interns an hourly rate. It’s $12—less than $15, but on par with the minimum hourly pay the Raise the Wage Act would establish in 2020. (The legislation raises the minimum wage slightly each year until 2024, when it reaches $15.)


Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s website says interns “may be eligible to receive stipends from our office,” but only if they’re not receiving outside funding or academic credit for the internship.

Jillian Kay Melchior writes for Heat Street and is a fellow for the Steamboat Institute and the Independent Women’s Forum.


Congressional Democrats Want a $15 Minimum Wage—but Pay Their Interns Nothing

Antifa Terrorist Website Encourages ‘All Manner of Physical Violence’ Against Trump Supporters and Capitalists

The Antifa website It’s Going Down has become the de facto resource for anarchists and “anti-fascist” activists currently engaging in sporadic street battles across the United States against Trump supporters and the government. The site calls for violence against capitalists and anyone it labels a “fascist.”

It features posters for self-identified anarchists that call for Trump supporters to be stabbed. A poster published in April shows the silhouette of a man with a Make America Great Again hat and a Pepe the Frog lapel pin being cornered by a bayonet. Behind him is the transparent silhouette of a Nazi.

Other publications include burning the Canadian flag ahead of the country’s 150thanniversary, and an introduction to anarchism that perfectly describes the victim complex most of the leftist ideology’s followers live with.

Much like the posters urging violence againstTrump’s supporters, It’s Going Downjustifies violent actions in many of its publications as not only good but necessary to the survival of minorities and the disenfranchised.


A library of downloadable publications on the website offers long-form articles that call for “insurrectionary mass resistance and refusal” and asks moderate liberals to join arms with the far left. One describes liberal allies as “accomplices” to capitalists. A piece titled Work, Community, Politics, War suggests that anarchists “are imposing our needs on society without debate” and urge militant tactics against employers and law enforcement.


As with any group of social justice warriors, the Antifa website also offers a variety of publications on “gender and patriarchy,” including one called Toward the Queerest Insurrection, which describes being queer as “the cohesion of everything in conflict with the heterosexual capitalist world.” Another, titled Dangerous Spaces, offers fictional revenge stories against homophobes and rapists. It is “a violence that liberates.” It opens with a note:  “Much of the content in this zine may be triggering.”


You can’t make this up.


Antifa Website Encourages ‘All Manner of Physical Violence’ Against Trump Supporters and Capitalists

Trafficked In Hollywood: A PizzaGate Victim Tells All

Published on Jun 19, 2017

Former child stars Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have bravely spoken out about the “pedophilia epidemic” rampant in Hollywood, while the industry continues attempting to normalize pedophilia by celebrating and defending child molesters in their ranks. Now another victim of child sex trafficking in Hollywood tells her story as David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this exclusive report!




False Rape Accusation Gets Man Killed In NYC After Threesome Gone Wrong

Brooklyn resident Manos Ikonomidis was stabbed repeatedly after an unidentified woman told her boyfriend he raped her during a planned threesome encounter Monday evening.

The unidentified woman was engaged in a threesome with Ikonomidis and Jack Doherty when one of the men took out a camera and began filming. The woman became irate and demanded that Doherty take her home.

She then called her boyfriend and said that Ikonomidis raped her.

The victim was attacked by three unknown men, according to surveillance footage found on the scene. The attackers beat Ikonomidis with baseball bats before stabbing him three times in his chest and back, according to local police.

“I saw the blood. It was out on the couch. That’s when I told him, ‘God, honey, you’re bleeding.’ He goes, “They stabbed me! They stabbed me twice! They stabbed me!’” neighbor Joy Liguori told police after finding the victim bleeding in the hallway.

No one has been charged in the incident so far, and police on the scene report there is no evidence to believe the woman’s claims she was raped were true.

New York City resident Nikki Yovina was recently charged with falsely accusing two local football players of rape. The official charges were of “reporting an incident” and fabricating evidence, according to the June 16 report. She faces two years in jail, followed by three year’s probation if she’s convicted of the charges.


False Rape Accusation Gets Man Killed In NYC After Threesome Gone Wrong